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Bookbox on Hilltop with Dr. Seuss theme

Unlocking the Power of Reading

Join us in promoting literacy in the Hilltop community

Our Commitment

At Booked with Hilltop, our goal is to increase literacy & community in Tacoma's Hilltop area. We plan to have free books available within walking distance, 6 blocks, of all Hilltop residents.

Book ownership is linked to literacy development, academic achievement, and long-term success. If we can help motivate children to read, we can help children thrive.

Our Presence

These BookBoxes and Hilltop events are just some of the ways BookedwithHilltop has connected people to important literary resources. We bring the joy and value of books. 

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Some Events Where We Have Given Free Books

We believe that reading is a fundamental right that should be accessible to all. We hope to see you at an event in the future.

Hilltop Street Fair

National Night Out , Halloween, & Black History Celebration @ People's Center

Tacoma Community House Trunk or Treat

Book Giveaways - McCarver Elementary, Bryant Montessori, Trinity After School Program, Hilltop Heritage, & Boys and Girls Club

Storytime and books given away at preschools

book collection box.jpg

Our Mission to Promote Literacy

At Booked with Hilltop, we encourage the love of reading through giving books at community events, supplying BookBoxes, and reading to kids & families in the Hilltop neighborhood of Tacoma. Join us in our mission to promote literacy and unlock the power of reading.

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